Day Dream Series

Available in custom colors and various sizes, the Day Dream Series is a structural presentation of energy utilizing up to 20 paint colors. The Day Dream Series denotes my need to create expressionist pieces with sinuous lines, a touch of decorum and an abundance of energy and color.

42nd St Series

The 42nd Street Series is inspired by my love of a home located on 42nd Street, well designed and architecturally exquisite. My work created through the 42nd Street Series utilize curves that represent a free-flow of energy that moves throughout the pieces, while the straight lines and structure give it a feeling of completeness.

Color Splash Series

As an artist my energy is resonant in the pieces I create and the Color Splash Series in particular is inspired by art that makes me feel alive. The Color Splash Series is known for its bold, continuous movement, high energy and bright colors releasing a surge of progressive energy into the environment around it.

Retro Square Series

The Retro Square Series is a versatile showcase of rigid shapes and lines contrasted with a vast color range allowing the energy of each piece to take on a life of its own.

Love of the Southwest Series

Growing up in Arizona my love of the desert is in my blood. The Love of the Southwest Series is one of the few representational abstracts that I produce and finds its inspiration in the generally neutral desert transforming it into a lively, colorful representation that is both unpredictable and energetic.