About The Artist

Acrylic artist Bill Gordon enters the fine art arena well into a successful business career and not only has a firm understanding of his world, but how his art fits into that world. With a solid background in the arts, business and design, he has a laser-clear focus for his painting energies and where he wants his fine arts career to go.

Gordon displays an inherent talent in creating bold, fun images on canvas, often working in large scale formats. He imbues each of his works with his personal energies. Strong, playful strokes are captivatingly captured, evoking very positive, almost joyous emotions. His acrylic abstracts are compelling, often balancing contrasting and complementary colors in wonderful landscapes of abstraction. Favoring large trowels for paint application, Gordon constructs each painting with sweeping strokes and images that build into a cohesive chorus of form and color. His dexterity and range of results with trowels is a testament to his creative use of this artist’s tool. Rather than brash, abrasive abstract images, he convincingly captures freedom and positive energies in his works. He instinctively balances texture, imagery and color into a cohesive image and message.

As a commission artist, Gordon adeptly demonstrates exceptional talent in matching the work to the setting in which the piece will be displayed. While powerful, his art doesn’t overpower an environment, instead adding new layers and facets to each space in which his work is destined. Enhancing personal environments is a primary appealing benefit to incorporating a Gordon piece when designing a space.

Thanks to his background, Gordon confidently enters the visual artist world. He already understands the directions to push his concepts, and, perhaps more importantly, understands the lifestyle enhancing benefits his work embrace. Considering the positive enhancements Gordon’s works deliver, his art is both accessible and desirable for a wide range of collectors and environments.